Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

A hip-to-gable loft conversion involves developing the sloping (hipped) roof of a property into a new vertical gable wall. This type of loft conversion turns the sloping part of the roof into a vertical wall making it the same height as the rest of the roof.

Most properties are built with a sloping side and this limits the space in the attic. By changing the sloping or hipped roof to create a vertical gable end, this creates a larger loft area with significantly more usable floor space.

Most homes, such as detached, semi-detached, end-of-terrace and even bungalows are suitable for hip-to-gable conversions. Due to the nature of this type of conversion, it isn’t suitable for mid-terraced houses, as they don’t have a hip end roof.

Many homes have ‘hipped’ roofs with sloping sides, and a hip to gable conversion entails replacing the sloping roof with a vertical wall. The sloping roof is removed and the wall erected to match the height of the ridge along the roof, adding a generous amount of space to your home. In properties with two sloping sides on the roof, it is possible to install a double hip to gable extension.

The additional space created offers you multiple choices; an extra bedroom, playroom or study, or perhaps you want to use it as a games room (or even a man-cave!)

A hip-to-gable loft conversion will give you the much needed additional space you need – without the need to move home!

Planning Permission

Planning permission for hip-to-gable loft conversions is mostly unnecessary as the conversions usually fall under the permitted development category. There are some exceptions – homes in designated conservation areas are likely to need planning permission before proceeding.

In addition, all loft conversion work has to be compliant with current building regulations. Joseph James Loft conversions have vast experience helping clients to successfully navigate the planning and regulatory system, and we can undertake this on your behalf– taking away the stress and hassle for you.

What Joseph James Loft Conversions will do

  • Free survey, 3D design and architectural plans
  • Dormer construction and window installation
  • Insulation, boarding and plastering
  • Flooring, staircase, doors and all joinery
  • Lighting, power, plumbing and heating as required
  • Quality checks

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